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The index is the growth engine in any fixed indexed annuity.

That’s why Athene works selectively with top names in banking and investments to select and curate indices that are built to take on the challenges of advanced tech, big data, volatile markets and today’s retirement planning landscape.

With the launch of the AI Powered US Equity Index and the Nasdaq FC Index, we’re introducing two supercharged large-cap equity strategies designed specifically to increase participation in Athene fixed indexed annuities.1 Along with the BNP Paribas Multi Asset Diversified 5 Index, Athene offers your clients an innovative index lineup that’s built to help them achieve their most ambitious financial goals.

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AI Powered US Equity Index

(Ticker Symbol: AIPEX)
Sponsored by HSBC

Choose a smart large-cap equity strategy with the intelligence of IBM Watson.®

AiPEX is the first and only rules-based equity strategy that uses IBM Watson® to turn data into investment insight. Developed by artificial intelligence (AI) experts at Equbot, AiPEX works around the clock to keep up with the increasing volume of direct and indirect market data created every day. It uses AI to objectively evaluate and score each of the 1,000 largest U.S. publicly traded companies on a monthly basis, seeking those whose stock prices are poised for growth. It then rebalances its portfolio monthly using a three-step equity selection process. AiPEX reduces the impact of short-term volatility in the equity markets through daily re-allocations between the chosen equities and a cash component.2

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Nasdaq FC Index

(Ticker Symbol: BOFANFCC)
Sponsored by BofA

Capitalize on growth potential in one of the world’s preeminent technology indices.

The Nasdaq FC Index is powered by patent-pending Fast Convergence (FC) technology, which aims to reduce risk and improve performance by adapting faster to changing market conditions. The Nasdaq FC Index applies this groundbreaking technology to the stocks in the Nasdaq-100, home to world-class innovators like Apple, Amazon, Google and Netflix, using intraday rebalancing to maximize efficiency and drive growth potential.3 The index features an innovative performance control mechanism that seeks enhanced customer participation in index returns.2, 4

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BNP Paribas Multi Asset Diversified 5 Index

(Ticker Symbol: BNPIMAD5)
Sponsored by BNP Paribas

Pursue consistent growth through global diversification.

Looking for the opportunity to pursue interest credits based on a global measure of market performance? Consider a crediting strategy powered by the BNP Paribas Multi Asset Diversified 5 Index.

Maintaining a diversified portfolio has long been considered an effective strategy for managing risk. This index seeks stable, risk-adjusted returns in all market environments by measuring the performance of eight component indices — three equity futures indices, three bond futures indices and two commodity indices — in key geographic regions. It is dynamically rebalanced on a daily basis using momentum investing principles with a volatility filter.5 A daily risk control mechanism strives to limit index volatility to 5%.2

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We are Athene

And we are relentless when it comes to creating an innovative portfolio of fixed annuities to meet your accumulation and retirement income needs. At Athene, we see every day as a new opportunity to measure ourselves against the best — and then we don’t stop until we’ve set the bar even higher. We stand ready to help you achieve more.

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