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Starting a Second Act

Your retirement priority will be to take control of your schedule in order to relax and explore multiple interests. Doesn’t sound like you? Take our quiz to discover your more.

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What brings you joy?

For you, retirement is an exciting opportunity to start a new business venture, reinvent yourself within your career, or choose a new direction in your field. Also, you’re not afraid to go back to school to learn new and valuable skills that will help you succeed. In order to properly plan for this next stage in life, you will need to work with your Athene agent and answer some important questions.

Ask yourself...

Will this second-act career be a source of income?

A second career or part-time job can be a great way to supplement your existing retirement plan.

Do you need additional savings to support a new business venture?

Starting a new business venture can be exciting, but also expensive. Do your homework and give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead. Talk with your Athene agent or other professionals. Explore a small business loan or start a fundraising effort.

Do you plan to go back to school for additional education or certification?

It’s never too late to go back to school. Explore opportunities to further your knowledge, beef up your skills or add an additional certification or degree to your resume.

Will your second act be an extension of your current career or will you start on a new path?

If you plan to continue on your current career path after retirement, it’s important to keep in touch with valued co-workers that can help you down this path. Joining an industry-related club or organization will also keep you up-to-date. If a new path is your desire, forming a strong network of people associated with your new career will be key.


Make your dream a reality

Once you have a clear picture of what you want, you’ll be ready to build your plan.



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